Published in the Garden State Woman Magazine

The New Jersey Health & Wellness Guide 2003-2004,

Journey to Health

By Tammy M. Kaminski, D.C.

People are starting to take control of their health and well being. They want to get the most out of their lives and feel good doing it, especially our large population of “Baby Boomers.” The shift in consciousness is away from “sick care” (our present health care system) to an emphasis on health and wellness. This includes preventive measures but goes beyond that aspect to mind, body and spirit well being.

The change will come natural for some but for many it may be a challenge as everything they have learned and trusted in since childhood will be in question. Our society is bombarded daily with “quick-fix” remedies from drugs (prescription or over the counter) to fad diets and magic weight-loss pills.

If you feel pain or are depressed, too often and too quickly, one is advised to take a drug as “quick-fix” without considering why you feel the way you do. Health concerns and symptoms are regularly looked at as something to get rid of instead of part of a process that needs to be worked through. The road to health at any age is a journey and is different for everyone. In our society women make the majority of health care choices for themselves and their families. Natural and holistic approaches are frequently sought out in formulating these decisions and creating a shift in their health consciousness.

To help make a shift in consciousness knowing your body is essential. We have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and to trust our internal (innate) wisdom. Complete healing is unable to occur when the process is halted by a “quick-fix” solution before the body is able to hear or interpret the signs.

Normal life cycles are frequently disrupted (menses, menopause, etc) at the first signs of discomfort with a toxic chemical (a drug) induced to interfere with the process. All too often when high blood pressure is detected surrounding circumstances are not taken into consideration. Increased stresses, having the flu, weight gain, lack of exercise and holding in emotions are just a few causes of a fluctuation of blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is “telling” you that something needs to be changed and/or corrected in your life. By first addressing high blood pressure with exercise, a proper diet and stress reduction is a lifestyle change that will effect your health for the rest of your life.

We also have to be aware of excess “brain chatter”. A mind that does not rest does not allow the body to heal. This not only effects the healing process it also can cause fatigue, lack of concentration and memory. In addition, if the chatter is imbued with negative thoughts it will further effect your overall health.

To accomplish a journey to health through a wellness shift in consciousness we must be able to have the mind-body connection to recognize and manage all the stresses (physical, chemical and emotional) of life. When a person has unresolved stress the body goes into a defensive structure pattern which effects the nervous system causing the spine and tissues to “lock-up”.

When the body is locked in stress for long periods of time the mind will think differently. The main objective is “to just get through another day”. All addition life stress puts the body in a more defense and often acute state: putting on your socks causes spinal immobility and spasms; foods you normally eat cause allergic reaction and sensitivity; you are unable to “shake” a cold or the flu. When the brain finds and releases the tension on its own, the brain can function differently allowing the body to be calmer. Healthier choices, instinctively and consciously, can be made in this calmer state as opposed to decisions based on fear or as a result of reactions & defensiveness.

A natural, holistic approach to this mind-body connection that awakens us to our internal wisdom is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Network Spinal Analysis is a wellness chiropractic technique that allows the brain & body to communicate more efficiently. A gentle force is applied to specific areas on the spinal area. At that moment the brain is able to stop all the internal chatter and focus on the bodies own internal strategies, realign the spine, realign the tension patterns and make constructive changes. A breath moves through the body in such a way that it rocks the vertebrae and the body starts to correct its own distortions.

During the initial level of care (there are four levels) this gentle holistic approach achieves the mind-body connection resulting in the release of spinal tension (life’s stresses). All ages benefit from regular NSA care with an unlimited increase in their ability to make healthier choices, adapt to stress more effectively, experience a higher quality of life and receive more enjoyment from life.* The body becomes more aware resulting in the ability to hear and trust its internal wisdom. This is essential on one’s journey to health.

*(A retrospective Assessment of Network care Using a Survey of Self-rated health, Wellness and Quality of Life, Robert H.I. Blanks, PhD..Tonya. Schuster Ph.D. Marnie Dobson, B.A.- Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, College of Medicine, Department of Sociology, University of California Irvine)

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is utilized by wellness chiropractors to enable the nervous system to better connect the brain and spine to the rest of the body. Dr. Tammy M. Kaminski practices in West Caldwell, NJ. Contact her by phone at (973) 228-6624 or online (mention GSW) for information on health, wellness and Network Spinal Analysis. For additional information, go to